Good Morning iHOUSEweb Elite Clients!

I just wanted to take a moment and alert everyone that I have updated the Search Engine Optimization Syllabus document that is provided to clients who complete our SEO webinar or the 1 on 1 SEO evaluations that we provide clients on their yearly anniversary dates. I have updated some of the examples and material within the document to better align for 2019.

You will see the following Additions:
- Updated Examples on Meta Tags Section (Page 5)
- Additional Resource Information on Google Analytics (Page 8)
- New Visitor Registration Benefits Panel Examples to Tease Buyers (Page 17)
- NEW Blog your sellers listings project (Page 21)
- Additional examples for Local Area Information Pages Section (Page 22)
- More Additions to the Helpful Material section (Page 25-26)

To download the latest copy of this document, please CLICK HERE
**Please only download and use this document only if you have visited our weekly SEO webinar or completed a 1 on 1 evaluation with Trevour, our SEO specialist. 

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