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Homework Assignment

How to Create 1 Year of Proactive SEO Content....Without the Headache!

Step 1: Please take out a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle. Title the the left side "buyers" and title the right side "sellers".

Step 2: Think back to the last 1-2 years of your Real Estate career. Think about every buyer and seller transaction, and remember back to the COMMON questions that were asked of you. Write down the TOP 10 most common questions ever asked of you from a buyer and seller. 

"Why do I need a Home Inspector?"   "How to Re-establish credit"    "Top 10 Buyer Mistakes"

Step 3: Then I want you to bring those questions into a typing program like word or notepad. I want you to answer each question with at least 1-2 paragraphs of content, but the more the better. Elaborate on the question, dive into the understanding, and really give good solid advice as an agent. Remember these are questions almost every buyer or seller is asking, so bring to the table the things that make you a valuable resource and agent in your area. You do not need to finish all 20 questions/answers before going to step 4

Step 4: When you are done answering those questions, guess what? You now have either 20 pages worth of new content or 20 potential blog posts that you can add into your site....or BOTH! Now we have to maximize that content. Make sure that your navigation bar is set up so it splits buyers and sellers separately as shown below. If it is not, and you need help changing this, please contact Elite Service at 866-645-7700.

Step 5: For each question/answer you will want to build a page for them. If you need help with this you can simply email the content over to our Elite Service Team ( and they will build the page for you, just send proper instructions. The page is built using your amazing content and we will want to funnel it under the buyer or seller navigation tab. This is 20 pages of content that you can be adding into your website, but you dont want to do it all at once! Create new pages at least 2-4 times a month to keep the fresh content always cycling into the website, you can push this for an entire year!

Step 6 - Next Level Blogging - Internal Linking: Then what I would suggest doing is go create a blog post with the same title of the page that was just built. Copy Half of the pages content in the blog, and then at the end of the content type in "Click Here to Continue Reading" and then you can link it to the entire page within your website. 

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