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Barry Schwartz on August 12, 2019 at 1:46 pm

"Google said that it lost part of its index in April because of a deployment issue. “So, as we pushed some planned changes to the Search index, on April 5th parts of the deployment system broke, on a Friday no-less!,” Courson wrote. “More specifically: as we were updating the index over some of our data centers, a small number of documents ended up being dropped from the index accidentally. Hence: we lost part of the index.”

"Why we should care. No one wants Google to have indexing issues; not SEOs, not site owners, not advertisers, and not Google. But when things do go wrong, it is useful for the SEO community to know details and timing around the issues to be able to communicate to clients and stakeholders that Google has confirmed the problems and why reports may show less traffic on specific days."

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August Indexing Issues

"Google’s indexing issues are resolved and Google is once again able to both crawl, index and rank fresh new content within minutes. Google has now officially confirmed this and our tests seem to show that this is the case.

What happened. Yesterday, in the early morning hours, Google stopped showing fresh content in its search results. If you filtered the news or web search results for content from sites that published content frequently, it would only show you content from before around 3am ET on August 8th. This was similar to the indexing issues from this past May."

"Why it matters. If you saw a dip in your Google traffic yesterday, and a lot of your traffic generally comes from new content, then you may have seen a drop in your Google News, Google Discover and other Google traffic sources. Your Google Search Console performance reports may reflect the indexing issue as well."

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