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Elite Service Has Your Back!

iHOUSEweb Elite Service Team
We Have Your Back - We Will Take Care of it For You!

Here are a few bullet points I want to put together for iHOUSEweb clients so they will have a better understanding of the level of assistance we offer.

  1. Elite Service Information Page: Click Here
  2. Elite Service is available Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm PST
  3. They can be reached at 866-645-7700 or
  4. Our Elite Support Team gives our clients the ability to schedule an 1 on 1 appointment. Click Here to Schedule.
  5. The Elite Support team is comprised of 8-10 Individuals who take support calls, answers email support tickets, and assist clients with making changes or tweaks to their website. They pride themselves on being able to offer the best support in our industry
  6. The Elite Support department CANNOT CREATE CONTENT. The words and meat and potatoes of your website are the sole responsibility of our clients to produce and create. The websites are pre-loaded with default stock content but that MUST be replaced! Our Elite Support staff is more than happy to help move this content into the website and position it in the appropriate locations. 
  7. The Elite Support Team has limited image editing abilities. We here at iHOUSEweb would love to be graphics experts, however, we focus 100% of our time and energy as a website hosting company. We use free programs such as,, and to edit and augment images. We are more than happy to crop images for clients or tweak them to an extent, but we unfortunately cannot be their graphics team. 
  8. Here is a list of items the Elite Service team can assist with:
  • Assisting with changing templates
  • Setting of Google for Work
  • Getting comfortable with Mail Chimp
  • Assist with creating landing pages
  • Taking your content and adding it to the website
  • Adjust layout and design elements on the page
  • Linking Social Media accounts
  • Setting up Saved Searches
  • Editing your Navigation bar
  • Setting up Call to Actions
  • Setting up Google analytics
  • Understanding how to blog ( we can blog for you if you send us the content and blog title!)
  • Setting up forms
  • Email issues or concerns
  • Features requests for product changes or updates
  • How to use general functions of the site
  • And much much more.....Email Them, or Call Today at 866-645-7700
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